Coming September 8th 2015

Vagabond Press is proud to release its first ever children’s book,
Ollie’s Big Surprise! on September 8th.


The story features Ollie, a mouse who suddenly decides to run away and hides on a cruise ship. When the ship stops at different ports he samples and collects a variety of cheeses that he intends to present at a very special cheese tasting party.


 But things don’t go to plan thanks to a very nasty cat named Leo!


With its high quality drawings, strong narrative and surprise twist at the end,

Ollie’s Big Surprise! is bound to prove popular with children aged 4 and above.


It should be available at most book shops. But in case you

can’t find a copy you can purchase it directly from us.


Just email your request to us and we’ll be happy to send you a copy directly.



Ollie’s Big Surprise! is published in hardback

on 8th September 2015 at £8.99