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Mr Kvetch is someone whose glass is always half empty—and sometimes even emptier.  Psychologists would say he takes a dystopian view of life.


We think he’s just got out of bed on the wrong side.


He’s a cross between Victor Meldrew and Woody Allen.


What better character to be the hero of Vagabond-Press’s first book.

If you’re a bit of a Mr Kvetch then you’ll recognise yourself. If you know someone who is a little like him then you’ll know what to get them for Christmas or Chanukah.


He is the first in what we hope will be a growing gallery of quirky characters that will include Mrs Kvell, Mr Schlemiel, and Little Miss Chutzpa.


You should be able to find Mr Kvetch in your local book shop. If you have

difficulty locating him, you can buy  a copy directly from Vagabond Press.


 Simply send a cheque to:
Vagabond Press, 35-37a St John’sWood High Street, London NW8 7NJ
including £2.00 for postage and packing and we’ll post a copy to your straightaway.


If you buy more than one copy, we’ll give you a discount.


1 copy       £5.50 plus P&P

2 copies  £10.00  plus P&P

3 copies  £13.00  plus P&P

5 copies  £20.00  plus  P&P